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  • The Sandjaja Hotel which is located on Jalan Kapten A. Rivai No: 6193 Palembang, was founded by an entrepreneur named Nellywati in 1958. Initially this was established as a Private Business Venture named Djaja Hotel. It comprised of three floors with 22 rooms.
  •  A restaurant was also constructed at the same time nearby the hotel called San Djaja Restaurant.
  •  The Sandjaja Hotel, which began operating in 1958, was then inaugurated on October 17, 1959 by Mrs. Bastari (wife of the Governor of South Sumatera H.A. Bastari who was the governor from 1959-1963).
  •  In 1974 further construction and upgrades continued until the hotel guest rooms reached 180-room capacity. The hotel was officially renamed The Sandjaja Hotel, and was inaugurated on October 19, 1980. This was proclaimed with the unveiling of the dedication plaque signed by the Level 1 District Chief of South Sumatera, Brigadier General H. Sainan Sagiman which then awarded Sandjaja Hotel with its international status. The17th October was then proclaimed as the official birth date of Hotel Sandjaja Palembang.
  • On April 3rd 1982, Hotel Sandjaja was accorded a 3 (three) Star Hotel status. The certificate was awarded by the Governor H. Sainan Sagiman and witnessed by the Director General of Tourism, Directorate General of Tourism of Indonesia. Later in the year 1993, Director General of Tourism awarded the Sandjaja Hotel a certificate conferring to it a 4 (four) Star Hotel status which remains until today.